Technology Licensing

For many companies, intellectual property, such as software code, patents or copyrightable material, is by far the most valuable asset the company owns. Ensuring that your license agreements are thorough and appropriate consequently becomes exceptionally important.

Business Planning

Formation of companies, preparation of operating agreements, bylaws, shareholder agreement.

Corporate Finance

Credit agreements, security documents, debt instruments.

Employment Law

Employment agreements, Intellectual property assignments, independent contractor agreements.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, mergers, buy-outs.

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Service Agreements, Purchase and Supply Contracts.

Corporate Governance

Board policies, resolutions, shareholder meetings.

Intellectual Property Protection

Trademark and Copyright registration; technology licensing.

Private Equity Venture Capital

Private placements, fund raising, crowd sourcing, employee equity grants.

Looking For Assistance?

Douglas Park Law prides itself on offering affordable rates for young companies and can enter into alternative billing arrangements in certain instances.
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